Clinical Operations Team Solutions

Actionable insights reduce risk and improve study performance.

Key Takeaway

ClinOps VPs, Study Managers, and CRA Managers are often frustrated by missing data and error-prone manual workflows. Saama solves these problems by automating oversight and collaboration across studies, systems, and CROs at every stage.


  • Optimize enrollment, compliance, and site productivity 
  • Automate oversight and collaboration across studies, systems, and CROs
  • Enable automatic alerts when predetermined thresholds are breached
  • Allows you to dynamically converse with your data through an AI-powered virtual assistant.
  • Push context-based insights to stakeholders via email or text

Operations Insights

Track the status of each study in real time and proactively identify issues that could cause milestone delays.

  • Integrate and harmonize data from your CTMS, EDC, ePRO, IxRS, and other data systems into a unified study data model
  • Quickly identify and address issues to optimize study start-up, enrollment, and compliance
  • Answer questions instantly through an advanced, AI-powered virtual assistant
  • Use historical data patterns to predict future outcomes
  • Provide CRO oversight consistent with good clinical practice, as outlined in ICH E6(R2) guidelines
  • Easily generate tabular and visual reports for presentations and internal review
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Risk Based Monitoring

Go beyond traditional site operations with a centralized database that lowers costs and saves time.

  • Reduce compliance and regulatory risk through early notification of site issues
  • Allocate site visitation resources more effectively
  • Use custom KRIs and root-cause analysis to identify and address issues more quickly
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