Data Management Team Solutions

Don’t let data issues delay your clinical trials.

Key Takeaway

As data becomes more voluminous and complex, mitigating data quality risk becomes increasingly difficult. Saama makes it easier for Data Managers to keep data clean and up to date, resolve queries faster, coordinate activities from start-up to database lock more efficiently, and make strategic contributions to risk-based monitoring (RBM) initiatives.

  • Ingest, aggregate, and harmonize data across all sources
  • Provide standardized data models for studies, financials, planning, and inventory management
  • Highlight missing records and data discrepancies
  • Facilitate the creation of dashboards and reports
  • Use historical data patterns to predict the future

Operations Insights

Work with your clinical operations team to track each study in real time. Proactively identify issues that could damage data quality or delay database lock.

  • Monitor every study across disparate data systems
  • Automate alerts to address data quality issues more quickly
  • Gain actionable insights to help mitigate risk
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Clinical Insights

With a central repository for all your safety and subject-level data, Data Managers and medical review teams can avoid duplication and collaborate more effectively.

  • Focus on the most relevant data points
  • Automate alerts for better responsiveness to data quality issues
  • Easily move from an aggregate data view to a patient-specific view
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